Rather than trying to port all of my old blog for my Web Design course onto word press, I am just going to provide a link.

This blog was from November 2010-April 2011

Topics covered:

  • Introduction (01/07/11) ~information about me & my family as well as all of my 11 pets
  • Microsoft & HP join forces (01/19/11)
  • Social Media Marketing Tips from Robin (02/05/11) ~she was a guest speaker for our class in February
  • Video Media Marketing with Mari Smith (02/09/11)
  • Verizon getting the I-Phone & their plans (02/10/11)~this was a BIG deal!
  • Facebook Pages Marketing-A Free E-Book 
  • The I-Pad 2 article from (02/24/11)
  • I-Phone, I-Pad & Android Developers are HOT (04/15/11)~an article about the shallow talent pool
  • Color Theory 101 (04/20/11)~really great information & pictures about color theory as well as a discussion of color-blindness & all the new research that has come  out.


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