Fireworks & Illustrator Exercises~i Phone App’s

Found this really cool article on how to create a document in Fireworks that can be used on the I-Phone. I have been looking for an effective way to learn Fireworks & this seems like it would get my feet wet. It also helps you to create a basic wire-frame tool.

I was told today by an experienced Web Designer that Fireworks is the software he uses for animated banners and icons. I was trying to design an animated banner in Photoshop today with little success, so he recommended I try Fireworks. I am also very interested in creating mobile apps. This will be a great starter exercise for me & hopefully other designers.

Step 1

So Fireworks will create the wire-frame tool to plan your website. Then you can actually create a Mobile App store template in Fireworks. Then it can act as a landing page to download the Aurora app & future apps. Here is the article!

Step 2



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