PHP Data Checking and The Best HTML Forms

Here are two article for newbies to Web Design:

Beginning PHP & Data Form Checks

This article talks about how to get clean PHP code & how to check your data and validate it. It discusses different forms of data inputs and how to use PHP filters and custom functions. We cannot control the data we recieve only what is done with it after we receive it. There are some data threats out there & this article discusses those. There are filter extensions that go through the input data and check them for certain attributes. The article talks about a few of the PHP filter such as checking boolean values (T/F), email, float values, integer values, ip numbers, url’s, strings, encoded numbers, and other types of data. If these php validations don’t do the trick, there is always mySQL querys that will check the database.


20 Best Practices for Forms with HTML

While we are on the subject of form input & html. Here is an article about the best practices for beginners when creating forms in html. The main focus being on semantics, accessibility, functionality & design.


2 thoughts on “PHP Data Checking and The Best HTML Forms

    • which article? Just found 2 really cool articles on how to make an I Phone App & Store Page where I could feature app’s I want to sell. I will keep you updated but basically you just use Fireworks to create the wire-frame & store front & then Illustrator to make the app. I am really interested in making mobile apps for the I phone. 🙂


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