I-Movie to Final Cut Pro

I Movie vs Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro & I Movie Tutorial~ this talks about how to use the programs together to create dynamic movies. Also how to reduce the memory of the video. The teacher instructs us how to go from an I Movie to an XML file to Final Cut Pro and then ultimately a Quick Time Movie.  Other programs you will need are Sound Track and Compressor. Also when converting to the Quick Time move make sure the movie is self contained (check the box). The teacher went from a 10 GB file to a 100 MB file. Wow!



Upgrading from I Movie to Final Cut Pro

The teacher says its a mental switch.  That 90% of stuff in FCP we will not need. The interfaces are similar. There are Bins which are like events. Find the clip you want and bring it into the viewer. The canvas is on the right side. Scrub through by selection buttons or use the  I and O keys (input/output or beginning/end). Drag it to the main Timeline at the bottom of the screen. Then, the two windows should match. Transitions are with Effects tab on the left. Click on Filters and Motion tab at the top of the viewer. We need to render the video but what is rendering? It’s processing the video into a final product where geometry, viewpoint, texture, etc are decided. To do this, you would click Sequence: Render All. Allows you to see the video play in real time. Finally you will export the video to a Quick Time Format. Export to Quick Time or Export using Quick Time conversion. Click on your options and tweak them to fit my specific needs.



I Movie to Final Cut Pro 10

This teacher is trying to get his students to make the interface for I Movie look like the Final Cut Pro one so they can easily transition into Final Cut Pro. I must say that after the few tweaks (linear time line, audio edit, etc) it does look a lot like the big elephant in the room Final Cut Pro. Thanks for this video



Final Cut Pro 6 Tutorials

These video are in 5 segments. They are videos to learn Final Cut Pro from Start to Finish. They are put on by Eric Meek the Apple Shake Guru from Final Cut Studio School. These Tutorials are very good even though he has a strong Southern accent. 😉 Here’s the link




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