Modernizer~HTML 5 & CSS3 Tool

At the urging of our teacher, Mr. Pollock I decided to subscribe to “The Big Web Show” today & listened to episode 56 with the guest speaker Frank Ates from the Netherlands. He was a former Apple employee for 3 years but now works for Apture as a Product Designer.The podcast was REALLY funny!!!! They asked him a bunch of questions about Apple that he was not at liberty to discuss but they asked anyways! 😉 Then they would mention certain Apple employees and hide other ones. At one point, they said to Faruk Ates, wow , you should work for the CIA. You aren’t telling nothing! He was so patient & calm with them. Kudos for him keeping his composure. Then at another point they complimented him on how handsome he looked on his home page and how cool he was. There was def some gay love being show to Faruk during the episode! 😉 hahahaha. Was funny to listen to, they were so infatuated with him. (I’m kind of surprised they didn’t edit some of these takes out..def kept it interesting).

He has developed a product called Modernizr that is a Javascript library that detects the availability of the current browser and features of that browser. It acts like a polyfill tool by determining whether the current browser supports the features natively or not. It addresses the features the browsers are lacking and tells the page whether or not the features are supported by the the browser currently being used. This is a big deal in the web world.

To have your website work on multiple browsers seamlessly. That is the wish of every web designer. Unfortunately, some browser will only support certain features depending on the firmware and version of the software. So this product Modernizr actually works as a third party intermediary to help patch some of the holes. Another tool they talk about in the podcast is eCSStender. This is another tool we developers can use to simplify the design process. Properties in the software will assure that the CSS design will work.

So here are the links to download these 2 free tools ( for now it’s free):

How to use it:

About eCSStender:

Good luck with these tools & be sure to tell me how they work out for you. 🙂




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