Sharepoint & the NEW Microsoft Office 365

What’s the latest & greatest at Microsoft? Microsoft Office 365 among other things. Have you been hearing about the “cloud” lately? This is Microsoft’s big push to put companies in the Cloud with its new product Office 365.

Office 365 combines many different products like Office, Exchange, Sharepoint, and Lync Videoconferencing and puts them in the cloud. All these products are combined into one in the cloud where users can collaborate on various projects.

So what is Exchange and Sharepoint? Well, Exchange is basically an email server that hosts things like email, calendars, contacts, tasks & more. Sharepoint is an important product to know for us Web Developers/Designers. Its a web application launched in 2001 that centralizes multiple web applications. It hosts content and document management. There is page editing, file storing and custom designs or branding options. You can also install 3rd party widgets/portlets on the pages. It’s basically a Content Management System for Microsoft.

This is a picture of what Sharepoint hosts:

They use a ribbon user interface to do things like

  • manipulate content
  • create lists/libraries/pages/sites/widgets
  • manage user permissions
  • manage definitions and properties
  • view documents & pages

So, once we understand what Exchange and Sharepoint are, we can migrate over to Microsoft Office 365 and work in the cloud. The only issue I have is, how secure is this application and have all the bugs been worked out? It was launched in June of 2011 in Professional (25 or less employees) or Enterprise (over 25 employees) versions.

Here is more information about the new Application:

Are companies & individuals ready to be in the cloud?




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