Ruby on Rails~what is it?

Have you ever seen this symbol? If not, it is the Ruby on Rails symbol. I went to an interview last week and the developer out in OK was using this. As a Web Design student for almost a year; I have heard this name in passing. I decided it was about high time I learn what it means. So if you don’t know what Ruby on Rails is either, then your in for a treat.

They call this product an open source web application framework. It was officially released in Feb 2005 in the US and was created by a Japanese developer Yukihiro Matsumoto in Feb 1993. It was popular in Japan but found its way to the States. This web application has various packages like Active Record (an object oriented relational database), Active Resource, Action Pack, Active Support & Action Mailer. It is often installed with Ruby Gems (a package for Active Record).Ruby is ten times faster than java framework software because it’s premise “convention over configuration” makes it more simple yet effective.

Ruby uses command line software as well as point and click methods. In order to get Ruby on Rails, an open source platform on your system, you have to take 4 steps.

  • step 1-install Ruby
  • step 2-install Rails [command line]
  • step 3-install MySQL
  • step 4-install MySQL front end

There are global, instance, class variables as well as block arguments, ranges, arrays and hashes to consider when using Ruby on Rails. There is lots and lots of documentation if you want to learn how to use Ruby for your back end system. Here is a really entertaining yet educational article about the technical specs of Ruby on Rails.

Another Tutorial about Ruby on Rails:

Good luck learning Ruby on Rails & using it for your back end servers! It is supposed to be really easy to learn. I think it will just take some time to learn. As a Web Designer, this is not my passion but it is good I understand what it is. I may encounter this software being used in my future profession. So I wanted to know what it was. Hope it’s helped you too. 🙂




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