Why we like Fireworks

This post is from a lady named Jessica Peterman. She is the NEW Creative Development Manager at Caxiam Group & summed up why she likes Fireworks (& in the process also mentioned my reasons as well)

“Fireworks saved my life.

Fireworks IconNo, not really. But it’s pretty fantastic. I was a Photoshop girl. 100%. I’d taken a class on Fireworks back when it was still owned by Macromedia but I never used it afterwards. I went to college and started cheating on Photoshop with Illustrator; until finally it was so obvious to Photoshop I couldn’t hide it anymore and I had to declare my love for Illustrator for the world to know. Then a weird thing happened, I started working at Caxiam and Brian was working in Fireworks. I asked him a bit about it and after just one day of working with graphics in it I was sold. Sold on a new love, Fireworks. While Illustrator and Photoshop are still incredible programs in their own regard, Fireworks just fits so easily and works seamlessly when designing for the web. I’m totally in love with Fireworks. Does this make Fireworks a home wrecker? Perhaps. Though I still use Photoshop for photo manipulation, poor Illustrator has been pushed entirely to the side. Whether my choice was kind or not, Fireworks is AMAZING and it’s the program I’m going to stick with.”

The reason I like Fireworks is to create a Mood Board for potential clients mockup of their websites. It is also so easy to work in Fireworks. It is not super complicated like Illustrator which I like too but I need more instruction in. Check out Fireworks to create website or to create mock up websites. It’s a lot easier than you think! 🙂 It definitely gets my stamp of approval as well.




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