How to design Color-Blind friendly websites

I found out yesterday that another girl in my Web Design class is color-blind. Weird?! For a condition that is less than 1% of women; I sure do seem to find others, but that may be because I am red/green color blind myself. It is very mild but still is something I keep in my mind when I design. This girl told me yesterday that she thinks being color-blind is an advantage in Web Design because then we can create better websites that are considerate for those with color disabilities. I found a really interesting article from the Government about this, as well as a great website for Web Design.

Here it is:

I appreciate my color-normal people reading this as it can help people like my friend & I to see websites more clearly. One consideration for me….please do not use Red font. That is the hardest for me to read, especially on a white background (It always looked like invisible ink in college). Thank You!!!



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