5 Reasons not to use Tables

Div’s versus Tables

Tables are the easier way to go, but they are considered “old school” now. Here are 5 reasons why tables are not recommended.

1. Table layouts are not in the spirit of HTML-Hypertext Markup Language should indicate the structure of the document but not how it should be displayed. Tables take over the control from style sheets & put design control back into the html file.

2. Table layouts are difficult to revise-changing the layout from a three column to a two column layout is hard to do. Style sheets are easier to change.

3. Tables take longer to render-the browser takes a long time to display tables. This is because it loads the table and then then runs an algorithim to determine how to size each element of the table

4. Tables can be code-heavy-To create a table in html you need a lot of individual tags. This is considered “code-heavy” & difficult to read by people who may have to change the source code

5. Tables can be inaccessible for users with disabilities- Screen readers read the html table code line by line which is not the way a table is displayed. For example a 3 x 3 table  would be read “Time…Thursday…Friday…7:00…The…Living…Word Play…7:30…Brain Stew” because it’s reading the html code



<th> Time </th>

<th> Thursday </th> etc…





The Living World

Word Play


Brain Stew



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