Going from a PSD to HTML

This is an oldie but goodie!!! This tutorial was give in Adobe Creative Suite 3 but you can still learn how to convert a PSD or Photoshop page into a Dreamweaver page using Slices. I really don’t even know what the “promote button” is in CS4 or CS5, I am hoping there is an equivalent. Another word I had not hear before is “artifacting” which I am guessing means making the image fuzzier or more pixelated.

This video is pretty amazing stuff. I was racking my brain on how to convert my Photoshop template website into a true website & now I’ve figured out how. Through the use of slices. This tutorial will show you how to master them & then covert them for Web & Devices to individual images and a sitelayout.html.

Here is the Tutorial, brought to you by Tut Vid or http://www.tutvid.com


This video is 21:05 minutes but so worth the time if you want to understand slices better & how to move your Photoshop images over to the Web.



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