Wots of Widgets & Yahoo Developer Network

Okay so I stumbled upon some really cool stuff watching Greg Rewis’s “Taming the Web” series. http://tv.adobe.com/watch/taming-the-web-with-greg-rewis The Video Tutorial was called “Wots of Widgets”…and how catchy is that…i was saying it on my way home as well. 😉

So he introduced this thing called Adobe Exchange. A year into the Web Design field and I had never heard of it? I came to find out it was found in the Application bar under a button that looks like the sun. You then browser for Web Widgets. From there it introduces you to a host of free widgete tools. These widgets are saved as a .mxp file and can be downloaded into all of your Adobe Creative Suite softward to use!

Stuff like a Lorem Ipsum text generator, a Tab View that functions on your page like files in a drawer, a slideshow widget that shows your pictures in a slideshow format. They were all free! While looking at some of the free widgets I heard about Yahoo’s Developer Network.http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/ It is a whole forum dedicated to Web Design professionals. It’s some pretty cool stuff. So, I though I would share it with other designers. Have you ever heard of a new query language called YQl, or something called Cocktails? If not, be sure to get on Yahoo!’s Developer Network.



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