How To Earn Respect & Money using Joomla 1.7

My status since graduation


Hi Everybody. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I want to let you know I’m working hard getting this Portfolio thing finalized. I went to a Web Design firm last week when I was Downtown. The firm is called RT Web Design and I asked them what they use to build most of their sites. The important looking guy told me Joomla. I was like, oh really! I kind of knew it was popular out in the field but now it was just reconfirmed. I was now going to have to learn this all important Content Management System

What’s really important


After reading all the How To articles from there was this really cool section called “Earning respect and money with Joomla”. It was by far the most important advice I had gotten that day on Web Design. Probably common sense information but it is written from Web Design experts and that is priceless.

Here it is:


A New design I created



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