How to Make It to the Top

The difference between the first and second positions of a Search Engine Result Page do really mean a lot to businesses. According to a Compete and a recent study, 85% of all listings are organic and the remaining 15% appear as paid search listings. Another interesting finding, about 55% of all all Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs for short have ads on the page.

Another big change is that google released a list of 65 new items to it’s search engine algorithim which will have direct implications on how websites and their pages move up in SERPs. The following bullet points are the six most important updates.

  • The Role of Authority: this focuses on more high quality content from sources that search engines trust. You can increase the trust factor by giving and receiving links from trusted and autoritative sites. Also by creating a sitemap, lowering your bounce rate and not over optimizing your content.
  • Matters of Location: this focuses on where the user is located. It localizes search results for each user and ranks them. Registering with a search engine’s local business registry is key. Also getting links from local directories or developing location specific landing pages or adding geographic keywords to landing page content, using header one <h1> and subheader <h2> tags as well as metadata.
  • The Return of Keyword Density: inserting keywords into page titles, headlines, Alternative text like under photos, adding page urls, and adding footers full of valuable data.
  • Importance of Fresh Content: google seeks out the newest content for a webpage. Make sure you are continually adding fresh content to your site. If you are not able to do this, don’t be afraid to ask for guest contributors or even do press releases for the public.
  • Title Tags in Focus: In order for Google to generate preview snippets, it needs a title as well as descriptions in the metadata or a webpage.
  • Universtal Intent: Google can give better search results when it knows what the page is strong in, either images, local interest, or video clips. What is the pages intent, make it so easy a 3rd grader could understand!

Here are the 65 new Google additions to SEO:

To read more about this article from Website Magazine just click here.

Another article on Paid Search Advertisting:

Finally…The Beginners Guide to SEO:

Happy Reading. Good luck on becoming the next SEO Mogul! 😉


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