Have you ever wanted to know how blind people cook?

Blind People Cooking. A really cool video from a blind person’s perspective.


~Katy’s Top 5 Local Web Design Companys~

Here are my NEW TOP 5 Web Design Companies for 2014!

My Top 5


#1. Purple Rock Scissors [ ]

#2. Chatter Buzz Media  []

#3. DesignZillas  []

#4. Get the Clicks Media    []

#5. Core Media Concepts []


I am in the process of researching these Awesome Web Design Companies. Here is a preview:


#1. Purple Rock Scissors {}

A design firm located off South Orange Avenue in Downtown Orlando. They have a Very cool website! It’s changed since the last time I saw it 2 years ago & is very modern yet simple to use. Lots of moving parts, graphics & cool stuff to play with! They have at least 21 employees and had their pictures with a cute motion graphic at the bottom of their About page.


So, I wanted to do a follow up article & research Local Web Design companies in Orlando. I haven’t done this since Sept 2012. So, we’ll see if anything has changed over the past 2 years.

My previous Top 5 Were:

1. Caxiam Group~ this company is actually on our Advisory Committee. Eric Sharp is the Chief Creative Officer of the company email Web Design company started in 2001. Located in Altamonte Springs, FL. They have lots of useful design education on their website. Their portfolio is very creative & professional. Check it out:

2. Designzilla~this company caught my eye with their dinosaur theme & cool logo. They are a design company out of Winter Park, FL & have a unique work culture. Their staff is young & they have fresh ideas. Their portfolio is eye catching & unique.

3. Embryo Design Inc~ started in 1997. They have a lot of experience in Web Design. The name caught my attention & I found it to be very unique. They are located in Clermont, FL. They have a very clean design.

4. Purple Rock Scissors~ this company seems more like a online Marketing company. Their website was very organized & easy to comprehend. They are located in Downtown Orlando off Pine Street. They have a 6 step design process. Their portfolio is very professional & they have worked with big companies. Check out their work.

5. Toad Websites ~ a local web design company with a massive portfolio. The company is run by two former Winter Park Tech web design students! They focus on all different types of marketing especially what we learned in our class. Check out their work you will be pleasantly surprised.

Lets see if these companies are still around & if there has been any new up & coming Design Companies since Sept 2012. This should be fun! 🙂


How To Earn Respect & Money using Joomla 1.7

My status since graduation


Hi Everybody. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I want to let you know I’m working hard getting this Portfolio thing finalized. I went to a Web Design firm last week when I was Downtown. The firm is called RT Web Design and I asked them what they use to build most of their sites. The important looking guy told me Joomla. I was like, oh really! I kind of knew it was popular out in the field but now it was just reconfirmed. I was now going to have to learn this all important Content Management System

What’s really important


After reading all the How To articles from there was this really cool section called “Earning respect and money with Joomla”. It was by far the most important advice I had gotten that day on Web Design. Probably common sense information but it is written from Web Design experts and that is priceless.

Here it is:


A New design I created


Klout Score & Twin Score

Klout Score

What is a Klout Score? First of all the word Klout come from the real word “clout” which means “Informal . pull; strong influence; muscle, especially political power: a wealthy campaign contributor with clout at city hall” from

So why do we want to know our clout score on the Internet? To see how effective we are at getting information out there. To know how far is our reach, etc. For instance, I have a  Facebook account, Twitter, Linked In, Stumbled Upon, Google Plus (NEW), 3 Blogs (Kam~Tastic, GreenCleanofAvalon & MarkHappenings), Vimeo, Picassa, and 4 email accounts (yahoo, google, live, and my old college one You would think my Klout score would be really high….right? Not the case. The Klout score is based on a # between 1 & 100. I only got an 11. I was a little disappointed, but then as I dug deeper, I see now what it takes to get a higher score. A lot of it was based on how many different Social Media Accounts I had. I think I have 10 or 12…I can’t remember exactly.

So then, what kind of stuff is measured for a Klout score? First of all, the ones with the highest scores are the ones that Invented this Klout Score idea…..more specifically Danny Sullivan. He had an 86 score. He is the Editor of Search Engine Land. He is the SEO, PPC, and search engine/marketing King. He lives in Newport Beach, California. He is had the highest score out of anybody. Tough cookie to follow? Time shall tell. So how is the Klout Score broken down?

    A.    Network (of people)
    B.    Amplification (to people)
    C.    True Reach (of people)  

They classify people based on a chart going from Left to Right and bottom to top. Here are the words that matter according to them:

  •  Creating
  • Broad
  • Focused
  •  Consistent
  • Participating
  • Sharing

So, what is your Klout score? Go and find out. The website is, but don’t get too upset. It will get better. 😉

Twitter Influence (TW~Influence) & Twitter Grade

To get your Twitter Grade, just go to and it asks you to enter your Twitter Username. This is a free tool that allows you to check the power of your Twitter profile compared to millions of other users.

The Twinfluence score costs money I think. I kept clicking on Twinfluence & it kept taking me to a website Tucker They are a Public Relations and Communication Consulting Firm out of Tampa, FL. They use the PROI Network from Europe called the Public Relations Organisation International.

This information comes courtesy of the Mashable article ” How to Improve Your Twinfluence and Twitter Grade ”  by Simon  Salt which came out in October of 2008! Where have I been?

There has been a lot of talk over the last couple of weeks about two Twitter ranking tools, Twitter Grader and Twinfluence. Any tool that measures the effectiveness of a Social Media site for a user is important to serious and casual users alike. The fact that there are now two tools presenting a user’s “ranking” in different ways is an indication of the efforts of Social Media to be taken seriously.
Tools that give an indication of the “influence” of a particular user are of use not only for users seeking authoritative users to follow, but for professional users seeking key “influencers” to work with. I decided to run an experiment with them both to see what actions affect your scores and what don’t and if affecting my scores actually did anything for me other than improve my own sense of self worth.
Twitter Grader bases your score on the number of followers you have, the power of this network of followers, the pace of your updates, the completeness of your profile and “a few other factors.” Twinfluence gives you a slightly more sophisticated scoring, though I have found the system has a lag of about 24 hours. Twinfluence breaks your Twitter ranking into Reach, Velocity, Social Capital & Centralization:
• Reach measures the maximum number of people a particular Twitter could get a message to (basically your followers and their followers).
• Velocity measures the average of first order followers and second order followers added on a daily basis since you started your account.
• Social Capital measures the value of your followers network, e.g. how many followers do your followers have?
• Centralization measures how dependent your reach or ability to influence is on a small number of followers who have a large following. E.g. If the bulk of your network is made up of 10 superstars each with thousands of followers, then you have a very centralized network and it is perceived by Twinfluence to be fragile because if one or more of those superstars stops following you, your reach collapses in direct proportion.

The experiment
Using these metrics I decided to see if I could affect my own score by trying different strategies. As I already mentioned, simply shotgunning Twitter and following hundreds of people might give you a short term boost in your score, but eventually it will backfire.
Why? Because it speaks directly to Social Capital. If by some chance you manage to attract followers who are highly ranked themselves but provide nothing but a stream of updates about your cat, the state of the coffee in your office and what you are going to eat for lunch, you are going to lose followers, and with them will go their followers and on both systems your ranking will diminish.

Analyzing top Twitter users
Just following the top 10, 20 or 50 Twitter users will lead you to similar problems. Here is an analysis of the top 5 Twitter users who have a score of 100 on grader right now:
• MarsPhoenix – Followers: 36,453 Following: 2
• Hodgman – Followers: 12,306 Following: 40
• wilw – Followers: 19,380 Following: 69
• Dooce – Followers: 17,771 Following: 60
• Timoreilly – Followers: 11,316 Following: 323

See the pattern there? Yes, they all have more followers than they do followees. So getting them to follow you and your adventures in cat training, coffee drinking and lunch eating is highly unlikely.
So how do you go about increasing your score? Well, the answers are really simple:
• Be Passionate: Think about why you want to network in the first place. What is it that you want more of? Search for like-minded individuals and follow them.
• Share: Provide useful, timely information to your network. Remember, it also appears on the public timeline (unless you protect your posts), which will attract more followers.
• Ask: And you will receive. Post questions, make them relevant of course – not “why is the sky blue?”
• Review: Check your network. Do you have spammers in there or people who aren’t contributing? Take them off your list of follows, unless of course they are your family and friends, in which case get them to read this post.
So, why would you care about improving your score? You probably shouldn’t apart from the fun factor. But by following the steps above, what you will find yourself with, in a very short space of time, is an amazing network that you can reach out to. People that you can help and that can help you. People that will provide you with a wealth of information and to whom you can pass along great information.
Let’s face it, with all that is contained on the Internet, it is impossible for one person to monitor everything that is going on, but with a significant number of people reading, watching, listening and most importantly, sharing, it becomes a little easier to obtain the information that is important to you. At the beginning of this week I had a score of 36/100 on Grader, as of the time of writing my score was 66.

Simon Salt is CEO of marketing communications company the IncSlingers. He writes daily at and weekly at Chris Brogan’s parenting blog Dad-O-Matic, and is also an avid Twitter user. He is focused on dragging traditional marketers into Web 2.0 before the arrival of Web 3.0. He loves to help out and volunteers his time and knowledge whenever asked. He is Director of Technology for the Austin Chapter of the AMA and is currently working on a Twitter guide for all users.


Join Vimeo!!

I found this really great video website called Vimeo. I think we as Web Designers should join this site & create a Channel. My Channel address is

Found this really great video on “How to Stay Creative”!!! Check it out:

created by To-Fu..a Motion Graphics Studio. I am in love with “motion graphics”. I would like to create a motion graphic video soon. Just need an idea. 🙂


Wots of Widgets & Yahoo Developer Network

Okay so I stumbled upon some really cool stuff watching Greg Rewis’s “Taming the Web” series. The Video Tutorial was called “Wots of Widgets”…and how catchy is that…i was saying it on my way home as well. 😉

So he introduced this thing called Adobe Exchange. A year into the Web Design field and I had never heard of it? I came to find out it was found in the Application bar under a button that looks like the sun. You then browser for Web Widgets. From there it introduces you to a host of free widgete tools. These widgets are saved as a .mxp file and can be downloaded into all of your Adobe Creative Suite softward to use!

Stuff like a Lorem Ipsum text generator, a Tab View that functions on your page like files in a drawer, a slideshow widget that shows your pictures in a slideshow format. They were all free! While looking at some of the free widgets I heard about Yahoo’s Developer Network. It is a whole forum dedicated to Web Design professionals. It’s some pretty cool stuff. So, I though I would share it with other designers. Have you ever heard of a new query language called YQl, or something called Cocktails? If not, be sure to get on Yahoo!’s Developer Network.


Going from a PSD to HTML

This is an oldie but goodie!!! This tutorial was give in Adobe Creative Suite 3 but you can still learn how to convert a PSD or Photoshop page into a Dreamweaver page using Slices. I really don’t even know what the “promote button” is in CS4 or CS5, I am hoping there is an equivalent. Another word I had not hear before is “artifacting” which I am guessing means making the image fuzzier or more pixelated.

This video is pretty amazing stuff. I was racking my brain on how to convert my Photoshop template website into a true website & now I’ve figured out how. Through the use of slices. This tutorial will show you how to master them & then covert them for Web & Devices to individual images and a sitelayout.html.

Here is the Tutorial, brought to you by Tut Vid or

This video is 21:05 minutes but so worth the time if you want to understand slices better & how to move your Photoshop images over to the Web.