Currently I am seeking a Graphic or Video Design Internship. I have prayed about my future and asked God to show me signs for what direction he wants my life to go in. My heart wants to be a Designer. Either a Graphic, Web or Video Designer. I would like to do Online Marketing for a stable, open-minded, creative, flexible, TEAM Oriented & fun organization.

I need to deepen my experience in this field and gain some more valuable skills. I have a ton in Student Loans and although I want to go back for my MFA in Graphic Design; it is not a very realistic plan right now. They have a wonderful program in Savannah at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) I’d like to go there for a Masters Degree but it’s just a small dream right now. I don’t have the money and I need work and plan for my Future.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my background!

~Katy @ 407.209.9090 cell~


~Katy’s Top 5 Local Web Design Companys~

Here are my NEW TOP 5 Web Design Companies for 2014!

My Top 5


#1. Purple Rock Scissors [ ]

#2. Chatter Buzz Media  []

#3. DesignZillas  []

#4. Get the Clicks Media    []

#5. Core Media Concepts []


I am in the process of researching these Awesome Web Design Companies. Here is a preview:


#1. Purple Rock Scissors {}

A design firm located off South Orange Avenue in Downtown Orlando. They have a Very cool website! It’s changed since the last time I saw it 2 years ago & is very modern yet simple to use. Lots of moving parts, graphics & cool stuff to play with! They have at least 21 employees and had their pictures with a cute motion graphic at the bottom of their About page.


So, I wanted to do a follow up article & research Local Web Design companies in Orlando. I haven’t done this since Sept 2012. So, we’ll see if anything has changed over the past 2 years.

My previous Top 5 Were:

1. Caxiam Group~ this company is actually on our Advisory Committee. Eric Sharp is the Chief Creative Officer of the company email Web Design company started in 2001. Located in Altamonte Springs, FL. They have lots of useful design education on their website. Their portfolio is very creative & professional. Check it out:

2. Designzilla~this company caught my eye with their dinosaur theme & cool logo. They are a design company out of Winter Park, FL & have a unique work culture. Their staff is young & they have fresh ideas. Their portfolio is eye catching & unique.

3. Embryo Design Inc~ started in 1997. They have a lot of experience in Web Design. The name caught my attention & I found it to be very unique. They are located in Clermont, FL. They have a very clean design.

4. Purple Rock Scissors~ this company seems more like a online Marketing company. Their website was very organized & easy to comprehend. They are located in Downtown Orlando off Pine Street. They have a 6 step design process. Their portfolio is very professional & they have worked with big companies. Check out their work.

5. Toad Websites ~ a local web design company with a massive portfolio. The company is run by two former Winter Park Tech web design students! They focus on all different types of marketing especially what we learned in our class. Check out their work you will be pleasantly surprised.

Lets see if these companies are still around & if there has been any new up & coming Design Companies since Sept 2012. This should be fun! 🙂


How to make more $$ in Web Design

This article from Web Design Dev~an online journal for Web Enthusiasts talks about how

to be most effective in creating Web Sites for Clients. Do you want to make more money

with your Web Design business? Then follow these 5 steps to be more effective.

I hope these tips help you as much as they did for me.


How To Earn Respect & Money using Joomla 1.7

My status since graduation


Hi Everybody. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I want to let you know I’m working hard getting this Portfolio thing finalized. I went to a Web Design firm last week when I was Downtown. The firm is called RT Web Design and I asked them what they use to build most of their sites. The important looking guy told me Joomla. I was like, oh really! I kind of knew it was popular out in the field but now it was just reconfirmed. I was now going to have to learn this all important Content Management System

What’s really important


After reading all the How To articles from there was this really cool section called “Earning respect and money with Joomla”. It was by far the most important advice I had gotten that day on Web Design. Probably common sense information but it is written from Web Design experts and that is priceless.

Here it is:


A New design I created


Ruby on Rails~what is it?

Have you ever seen this symbol? If not, it is the Ruby on Rails symbol. I went to an interview last week and the developer out in OK was using this. As a Web Design student for almost a year; I have heard this name in passing. I decided it was about high time I learn what it means. So if you don’t know what Ruby on Rails is either, then your in for a treat.

They call this product an open source web application framework. It was officially released in Feb 2005 in the US and was created by a Japanese developer Yukihiro Matsumoto in Feb 1993. It was popular in Japan but found its way to the States. This web application has various packages like Active Record (an object oriented relational database), Active Resource, Action Pack, Active Support & Action Mailer. It is often installed with Ruby Gems (a package for Active Record).Ruby is ten times faster than java framework software because it’s premise “convention over configuration” makes it more simple yet effective.

Ruby uses command line software as well as point and click methods. In order to get Ruby on Rails, an open source platform on your system, you have to take 4 steps.

  • step 1-install Ruby
  • step 2-install Rails [command line]
  • step 3-install MySQL
  • step 4-install MySQL front end

There are global, instance, class variables as well as block arguments, ranges, arrays and hashes to consider when using Ruby on Rails. There is lots and lots of documentation if you want to learn how to use Ruby for your back end system. Here is a really entertaining yet educational article about the technical specs of Ruby on Rails.

Another Tutorial about Ruby on Rails:

Good luck learning Ruby on Rails & using it for your back end servers! It is supposed to be really easy to learn. I think it will just take some time to learn. As a Web Designer, this is not my passion but it is good I understand what it is. I may encounter this software being used in my future profession. So I wanted to know what it was. Hope it’s helped you too. 🙂



Was wondering how much to charge clients for designing their web sites & other marketing campaigns. Here is an article to consider:

Also found a forum discussion on the topic! Looks like 20-30 is the standard rate for design work.…