Want to stand out from your peers?

Try this really cool mini~project in Photoshop. Create an “animated gif”

From the Genius Marketing Guru’s at Hub Spot. A Tutorial on How to Create Animated
GIF’s in Photoshop.

To create this masterpiece, you have to use Scripts & Layers then merge your layers into a single frame. Then you turn your static image into a GIF. You will use your Timeline Window in Photoshop…wait…wasn’t that only used in Flash & Illustrator…nope…you can utilize this tool in PS too.

Then you will create a “frame animation” by making each layer a frame of your GIF. You determine the time between frames and how often to loop it [ to drive people a little crazy 😉 ] Finally you save it as a dithered gif…a “dither”…ha, ha! What the heck does that mean?

From the Web Style Guide, here is what it says about “dithering”
Full-color photographs may contain an almost infinite range of color values. Dithering is the most common means of reducing the color range of images down to the 256 (or fewer) colors seen in 8-bit GIF images.

Dithering is the process of juxtaposing pixels of two colors to create the illusion that a third color is present. A simple example is an image with only black and white in the color palette. By combining black and white pixels in complex patterns a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop can create the illusion of gray values.

If you have a GIF with color gradients, choosing “dithered GIFs” prevents color banding. A higher dithering number translates to the appearance of more colors and details. Then save your file as a animated GIF to use in Wowing your clients. 

Here is the Animated GIF they made over at Hub Spot: