How To Pinterest


If you are trying to get a better web following and are not considering Pinterest or YouTube, you are
sorely mistaken. Consider this. Americans watched 33 billion online content videos in February alone.
Pinterest is now the third most popular social networking tool beating LinkedIn & Tumblr. While Friending
and Tweeting my still be really popular; pinning is now becoming more and moreo popular.

Pinterest is the picture sharing program tha allows users to create vision boards of their favorite things.
It is now the third most popular social network based on visits from American users. In place after Facebook
and Twitter, Pinterest had 104,415,903 unique visits last month alone (March ’13). This massive number shows
a rapid jump since the company first launched in March 2010 and has been picking up in recent months. There has
been a 50 percent boost in traffic from January to February this year. Pinterest now has more visitors than
Linked In, Tumblr and Google +.

One interesting trend is that Pinterest actually beat our Facebook and Twitter in Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas,
Utah and Missouri. This shows a geographic skewing towards the middle of the country. This trend could continue
and soon another medium called Pinterest could overtake the internet Phenom named Facebook, but only time will
tell. So, “how do you use Pinterest?” This is the most common question I get from coworkers and Committee members.

So, let me go to the experts (Pinterest) and let them explain it to you! 🙂 

pin board

a pin board at CKRE

From about.pinterest.com/basics


A pin starts with an image or video you add to Pinterest. You can add a pin from a website using the Pin It bookmarklet or upload an image right from your computer. Any pin on Pinterest can be re-pinned  and all pins link back to their source.



A board is where you organize your pins by topic. You could pin ideas for remodeling your bathroom to your House Projects board, for example. Boards can be secret or public, and you can invite other people to pin with you on any of your boards.



When you follow someone, their pins show up in your Pinterest home feed. You can follow all of someone’s boards or just the ones you like best. To manage who you’re following, go to your profile and click Following.



When you unfollow someone, their boards won’t show up in your home feed anymore. You can unfollow all of someone’s boards, or just the ones you’re not that interested in. Nobody will get notified if you unfollow them.


Pin It Bookmarklet

The Pin It bookmarklet lets you easily pin things you see on websites and blogs. To get the bookmarklet or learn more, check out our Goodies page.

pin it bookmark

Home Feed

Your home feed is a collection of pins from pinners and boards you follow. It’s updated every time someone you follow adds a pin.


Pinning Etiquette

A few simple rules to help you pin with care

Be Respectful.Be Yourself. Give Credit. Stay Alert.


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